Astronaut, LLC CEO is now Board Certified in Clinical Informatics

Astronaut, LLC CEO Ignacio H Valdes, MD, MS, ABPN is surprised to find even more letters after his name. This time ABPM-CI which stands for American Board of Preventive Medicine — Clinical Informatics.

“I am living the alphabet dream. As if it wasn’t enough to be MD, MS, ABPN’ed I woke up one day to find ABPM-CI attached to my name. This is getting ridiculous.”

Dr. Valdes has a long career in Computer Science, Psychiatry, and in Electronic Health Records. Why the new degree? “They were offering it.” he says with a smile. “I wanted Astronaut, LLC customers to be reassured that at least someone else thinks that the leader of Astronaut, LLC is a medical nerd. Before, only I thought that I am a medical nerd.”

“And that we can serve Astronaut customers better.”

COVID-19 ICD/CPT Codes Available

COVID-19 ICD/CPT Codes are now available in Astronaut.

If Positive use U07.1 as DX code.
If negative or Testing only use appropriate Z CODE as DX code.

Coding Rules for U07.1:
U07.1 should only be used for confirmed cases of COVID-19 with positive or presumptive-positive test results.
U07.1 should be sequenced first, followed by the appropriate codes for associated manifestations, except in the case of obstetrics patients
If COVID-19 is not confirmed or if testing is negative, the following Encounter Codes should be used:
Z11.59: Encounter for screening for other viral diseases
Asymptomatic, no known exposure, results unknown or negative
Z03.818: Encounter for observation for suspected exposure to other biological agents ruled out
Possible exposure to COVID-19, infection ruled out
Z20.828: Contact with and (suspected) exposure to other viral communicable diseases
Contact with COVID-19, Suspected exposure

86328: Immunoassay for infectious agent antibody(ies), qualitative or semiquantitative, single step method (eg, reagent strip); severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) Coronavirus disease [COVID-19])

Independence Day! Astronaut VistA is now “Nothing to install, nothing to maintain”

Houston, Texas 07/04/2017

On this Independence Day Astronaut, LLC announces the next level of freedom for Astronaut VistA: Full virtualization. All applications run in a browser.

“Nothing to install, nothing to maintain. It just works. Our #1 rated application runs in any browser.” Says Astronaut, LLC CEO Ignacio Valdes, MD, MS. “Our users are free to focus on patient care. No software installation is necessary, upgrades just happen. Total freedom. No maintenance headaches on staff, greater security, higher reliability, and faster responsiveness. This takes Astronaut VistA to the next level for all users and IT support staff. Poor local internet? No problem. Peculiar local security block? Still works.”

Astro-CPRS now simply runs through any browser with HTML5 support. Just point at a URL and login to Astro-CPRS, VistA Clinical Scheduling or Vitals. Nothing local to install. Upgrades are handled by Astronaut seamlessly.

“Nothing to install, nothing to maintain.”

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Astronaut, LLC has many, many firsts in the VistA world including the first VistA in the cloud, the first automated VistA installer, and now the first fully virtualized, browser-based VistA application suite.

Figure: Astro-CPRS on an iPhone

Figure: VistA Clinical Scheduling virtualized running in a browser:

“It actually helps me see patients faster.”

“I’ve used a lot of EHR’s in my career. Astronaut is the first EHR I have ever used that made me faster. I leave work and it is all done. I don’t have to chart again. Each appointment is done when they walk out of the room. I can’t tell you how fantastic that is. All of the other EHR’s I have used slowed me down. This one is amazing. It actually helps me see patients faster.” Jennifer Lableu, NP
“It is still amazing to have a patient that you saw 4 years ago **inpatient** walk in to your **outpatient** office and all the information is there. No re-entering, no fumbling, no re-asking the same questions all over again. Super-efficient documentation.” Ignacio Valdes,MD, MS

Astronaut celebrates 4 years of efficient, accurate care.
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Full set of standard PHP/CMHC templates available now.

Astronaut has a full set of standard Partial Hospitalization Program(PHP)/Community Mental Health Center(CMHC) templates available now.

“This is as close to turn-key as you can get. With a full set of standard PHP/CMHC templates ready to go you can get up and running with Astronaut very quickly and easily.” Says Ignacio Valdes, MD, MS. “People spend a lot of time and energy in PHP/CMHC’s moving around paper. Astronaut template driven notes keeps programs audit-ready, safer and more accurate while saving a lot of time and effort. This adds to our full set of clinically tested inpatient and outpatient note templates.”

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Astronaut Screenshots Advanced High Efficiency CPRS

Astronaut has circulated an advanced, high efficiency CPRS screenshot. Unprecedented in VistA history, this version of CPRS demonstrates how far the technology can go.
“We’ve pushed the technology further than it has ever been before. With it we’ve seen more patients more efficiently and more accurately than ever before.” says Astronaut, LLC CEO Ignacio Valdes, MD, MS

The screenshot shows:

. Two sessions open to allow for multi-chart multi-tasking (interruptions, un-scheduled patients, out of order patients, ‘pauses’ in network, etc.)
. Patient picture.
. Modeless eRX window allowing fast context switch between notes and eRX. Takes advantage of larger displays. Opens automatically on chart open to reduce keyboarding burden.
. Previous/Next chart controls for list iteration.
. Icon showing attachment present such as PDF, etc. Graphic embedding allowed.

Not shown efficiency improvements:
. Orchestrated GUI scheduling.
. Effortless billing lists.
. Rocket Note.
. GUI Admission/Discharge/Transfer.
. More.

The screenshot shows advanced CPRS productivity and efficiency features.

Speed Record.

Astronaut Electronic Health Record users set a new speed record this week. The most patients seen in a single day and one week high totals occurred.

Office manager Jenny Salvador says: “We used to see half the patients in twice the time and effort before Astronaut. There is practically no friction in the system now. Our patient wait times are way, way down and our volume is way up.”
Ignacio Valdes, MD, MS writes “The Rocket Note feature put us over the top. We now see many more patients faster with less fatigue than ever before. It even records the billing information effortlessly.”
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