Speed Record.

Astronaut Electronic Health Record users set a new speed record this week. The most patients seen in a single day and one week high totals occurred.

Office manager Jenny Salvador says: “We used to see half the patients in twice the time and effort before Astronaut. There is practically no friction in the system now. Our patient wait times are way, way down and our volume is way up.”
Ignacio Valdes, MD, MS writes “The Rocket Note feature put us over the top. We now see many more patients faster with less fatigue than ever before. It even records the billing information effortlessly.”
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Astro-CPRS 11.01.2016 Introduces Rocket Note.

Rocket Note Beta eliminates the approximately 11 step process of forwarding a clinical note for follow-up visits. This is a major efficiency improvement for busy clinicians. Along with Turbo Supervision, Scheduling, and billing lists, Astro-CPRS is a very efficient, full-featured, power tool for modern clinical care.
If you are a practicing clinician, entity owner or leader and are serious about participating as an early adopter of Astronaut’s revolutionary nationwide service please email astronautvista@gmail.com Subject line: Revolution.

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