“It actually helps me see patients faster.”

“I’ve used a lot of EHR’s in my career. Astronaut is the first EHR I have ever used that made me faster. I leave work and it is all done. I don’t have to chart again. Each appointment is done when they walk out of the room. I can’t tell you how fantastic that is. All of the other EHR’s I have used slowed me down. This one is amazing. It actually helps me see patients faster.” Jennifer Lableu, NP
“It is still amazing to have a patient that you saw 4 years ago **inpatient** walk in to your **outpatient** office and all the information is there. No re-entering, no fumbling, no re-asking the same questions all over again. Super-efficient documentation.” Ignacio Valdes,MD, MS

Astronaut celebrates 4 years of efficient, accurate care.
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Full set of standard PHP/CMHC templates available now.

Astronaut has a full set of standard Partial Hospitalization Program(PHP)/Community Mental Health Center(CMHC) templates available now.

“This is as close to turn-key as you can get. With a full set of standard PHP/CMHC templates ready to go you can get up and running with Astronaut very quickly and easily.” Says Ignacio Valdes, MD, MS. “People spend a lot of time and energy in PHP/CMHC’s moving around paper. Astronaut template driven notes keeps programs audit-ready, safer and more accurate while saving a lot of time and effort. This adds to our full set of clinically tested inpatient and outpatient note templates.”

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