Astronaut-CPRS Now With Turbo Supervision™

Astronaut pushes efficient Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant supervision even further with Turbo Supervision™

Turbo Supervision™ takes the already fast Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant supervision workflow in Astronaut-CPRS and makes it even faster with Next Patient/Previous patient advance on a clinical list.

No more mental fatigue picking the next patient in a supervision list. No more ‘missed’ patient refills from ‘just above’ or ‘just below’ mouse clicks on the Select Patient list. Work a supervision list with two clients open at once from the top and the bottom for maximum efficiency.  No more waiting for the Select Patient list to load over a slow connection.
This isn’t your Grandfather’s supervision workflow!
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Astronaut releases drag and drop patient registration, to lead industry effort

Astronaut has released Astronaut-CPRS with vCardDAV demographics support. The new client allows drag and drop patient demographic registration as well as vCardDAV export of patient demographic information.  Patients can send their information from a smartphone or email for quick and easy registration. Astronaut will lead an effort to make this interoperability industry-wide across, scheduling, billing, ordering portals and more.

Astronaut-CPRS with vCardDAV support

Astronaut-CPRS with vCardDAV support

To use, simply open the patient selection box and drag and drop a vCardDAV file onto it and release. The Add patient dialog box will open already populated with the vCardDAV file information available. See screenshot below. Export is from the Tools menu.
Astronaut in conjunction with major medical organizations will be leading an industry wide effort to support drag and drop patient demographic registration interoperability on all Health Information Technology systems including and especially billing, scheduling, and ordering web portals.

Astronaut Adds Telemed Support, More Powerful Supervision Tools

Astronaut has added new features to support telemedicine and more powerful practitioner supervision tools.

. We’ve added patient skype-id, phone number, and email recording at patient registration to support multiple patient care modalities from the start.  Registration for DNA psychiatry medication efficacy cheek-swab test requires patient phone number entry.
. Stay tuned for more support for Psychiatry DNA testing in the near future!
. One click copying the skype id to the clipboard for telemedicine sessions for easily finding and calling your telemedicine patients on skype. Worldwide search for THAT John Smith or Jane Doe no longer necessary.
. We have also tweaked the practitioner supervision tools to include fast verification of eRX refill! Medication Last Refill date now appears on Select Patient to verify medication approvals have been done. Simply arrow through the patient list to check that refill has been done or not done by a certain date. This is great for Nurse Practitioner supervision so that medication refills don’t get ‘stranded’.
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The new client is here:  BETA/astronaut_clients.BETA.15.11.06.exe/download

Astronaut Supports ICD-10, Adds New Features, 1 Year of eRX

Astronaut now supports ICD-10.  Signing PIN reset into TMG-CPRS, 1 year of eRx including Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS).

Astronaut now supports ICD-10. We’ve also put changing document signing PIN into TMG-CPRS on the Tools menu so that the user does not have to go into the text-based interface to change their signing PIN. Changing signing PIN is was a difficult undertaking for most users and even more difficult to provide support for. That problem has now disappeared.

Upgrading an Astronaut server to ICD-10 requires a major upgrade. That major upgrade is best obtained from the WorldVistA 501c3 organization through purchasing a multibuild. You also have to be licensed for CPT codes from the American Medical Association. The current base Astronaut server does not and legally cannot distribute these.
We will keep you appraised of how ICD-10 works with Astronaut in the near future.
It has been 1 year since Astronaut began eRX including Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS).  Conclusion 1: I won’t go back to paper prescribing. Conclusion 2: eRX is not perfect and has plenty of glitches some software and some human. Conclusion 3: Despite its problems, eRX can improve while paper can’t.

Astronaut has the Power Tools for PA and NP Supervision

Both inpatient and outpatient, comprehensive paperless distance supervision with Astronaut has been clinically tested and optimized for performance and safety.

With Astronauts addition to and performance tuning of Astronaut VistA, the work flow is optimized for both results and efficiency for supervision of Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners. From patient registration, note creation and monitoring, to Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS) and billing clinicians can efficiently and effectively supervise Physician Assistants and Nurse practitioners with Astronaut.

Astronaut has the  clinical power tools for PA and NP Supervision.

Astronaut Advanced Billing, Supervision, and eRX Lists

Astronaut has unlocked the power of advanced billing list functions that works at multiple locations. This is great for any practice, any size, any billing package including inpatient.  This is useful for PA or NP supervision or eRX handling or heterogenous billing situations over multiple locations. Billing is much easier and less labor intensive with Astronaut!