Astronaut has the Power Tools for PA and NP Supervision

Both inpatient and outpatient, comprehensive paperless distance supervision with Astronaut has been clinically tested and optimized for performance and safety.

With Astronauts addition to and performance tuning of Astronaut VistA, the work flow is optimized for both results and efficiency for supervision of Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners. From patient registration, note creation and monitoring, to Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS) and billing clinicians can efficiently and effectively supervise Physician Assistants and Nurse practitioners with Astronaut.

Astronaut has the  clinical power tools for PA and NP Supervision.

Astronaut Advanced Billing, Supervision, and eRX Lists

Astronaut has unlocked the power of advanced billing list functions that works at multiple locations. This is great for any practice, any size, any billing package including inpatient.  This is useful for PA or NP supervision or eRX handling or heterogenous billing situations over multiple locations. Billing is much easier and less labor intensive with Astronaut!

Astronaut VistA 13.06 is Out

Lots of upgrades and bug fixes. Nearly everything has been refreshed. The latest GTM 6.0002, Fileman 22.2, WorldVistA/dEWDrop 5, tmg-cprs has bug fixes, the latest vitals .dll, treatment plans, improved template math, images in notes. The usual Astronaut goodness: ability to easily install and use arbitrary Linux distributions, migrate, backup, upgrade, up to date Enterprise Web Developer. Installation guide is here.

Astronaut VistA Installer Suite 12.10 (Glenn) Released

Astronaut 12.10 (Glenn) Astronaut VistA Installer Suite is a easy install package for VistA.

More information here.

  • Latest MSC Fileman 1043. It is now located in routines directory no longer in patches directory.
  • Latest dEWDrop based distribution with VA VistA patches up to early 2011 (thanks to all).
  • Latest Enterprise Web Developer with easy to install yum or apt-get install ewd-astro (gets you all the way to a browser session) https encryption installed by default.
  • Regression tested and bug fixes so that all the TMG goodies work (tmg-cprs, VistA-config).

Astronaut VistA Installer Suite 11.3 (Aldrin) Released

Astronaut announces the Astronaut VistA Installer Suite version 11.3 (Aldrin). This release contains upgrades to VistA GUI scheduling courtesy of Sam Habiel lab bug fixes and internationalization support in GT.M. The Astronaut VistA Installer Suite 11.3 presents a more compelling reason to use VistA than ever before! Installation instructions here. Uninstall and re-install server and client to use.