Astronaut VistA 13.06 is Out

Lots of upgrades and bug fixes. Nearly everything has been refreshed. The latest GTM 6.0002, Fileman 22.2, WorldVistA/dEWDrop 5, tmg-cprs has bug fixes, the latest vitals .dll, treatment plans, improved template math, images in notes. The usual Astronaut goodness: ability to easily install and use arbitrary Linux distributions, migrate, backup, upgrade, up to date Enterprise Web Developer. Installation guide is here.

Astronaut VistA Installer Suite 12.10 (Glenn) Released

Astronaut 12.10 (Glenn) Astronaut VistA Installer Suite is a easy install package for VistA.

More information here.

  • Latest MSC Fileman 1043. It is now located in routines directory no longer in patches directory.
  • Latest dEWDrop based distribution with VA VistA patches up to early 2011 (thanks to all).
  • Latest Enterprise Web Developer with easy to install yum or apt-get install ewd-astro (gets you all the way to a browser session) https encryption installed by default.
  • Regression tested and bug fixes so that all the TMG goodies work (tmg-cprs, VistA-config).

Astronaut VistA Installer Suite 11.3 (Aldrin) Released

Astronaut announces the Astronaut VistA Installer Suite version 11.3 (Aldrin). This release contains upgrades to VistA GUI scheduling courtesy of Sam Habiel lab bug fixes and internationalization support in GT.M. The Astronaut VistA Installer Suite 11.3 presents a more compelling reason to use VistA than ever before! Installation instructions here. Uninstall and re-install server and client to use.

Astronaut Release Candidate 2: Growth Charts!!!

Astronaut and TMG announce the Astronaut VistA Installer Suite version 1.0 release candidate 2. This release contains usable growth charts in the TMG-CPRS reports tab for the first time in VistA history.  Along with bug fixes, and a pre-configured 24 hour clinic, the Astronaut VistA Installer Suite draws inexorably closer to a full 1.0 release with more compelling reasons to use VistA than ever before! Installation instructions here. Uninstall and re-install server and client to use.

Figure 1: Infant Length.


Figure 2: Infant Weight.


Kevin Toppenberg, MD Joins Astronaut

We are pleased to announce Kevin Toppenberg, MD as Director of Client Software Strategies for the Astronaut company.   He received his Medical Doctor degree from Loma Linda University in Loma Linda, California.  Residency training in Family Medicine was at Florida Hospital in Orlando, Florida, followed by a fellowship in FP Obstetrics, also at Florida Hospital. He is a family physician in private practice in Greenville, Tennessee.  Dr. Toppenberg is highly skilled in both MUMPS and Delphi Pascal programming. He has created the TMG-CPRS product which is featured prominently in the Astronaut VistA Installer Suite.

Astroanut Release 0.9-9 Beta Anticipates 1.0

Astronaut has released its Astronaut VistA Installer Suite beta version 0.9-9. Anticipates 1.0 release. Installation instructions here.

Features: Console tab in tmg-cprs should work out of the box. Embedding images in a note should also work out of the box. Various bug fixes, the biggest was backup was present but would not engage due to a permissions problem and there was a slight syntax error that caused it to not purge journal files and backups greater than the default 3 days old. tmg-library no longer exists as a separate packages. All tmg kids files that are pre-loaded are in the kids subdirectory.

Astronaut anticipates the addition of replication setup scripts and more tmg-cprs features with a 1.0 release shortly.

Astronaut Live! Training September 25-26th, New Format, Limited Seats Available

New and improved! Two day weekend format and much lower price! The third edition of Introduction to VistA System Administration with Astronaut will be held in Houston, Texas, September 25-26th.  Limited seats are available and at only $1,000 are expected to fill fast. This training event will start you on the journey to Electronic Health Record excellence and will be held in Houston, Texas, Septeber 25-26th, 2010. here.