Astronaut Outlines 2010-2011 VistA Challenges at VCM

Fairfax, VA — Astronaut, LLC chief Ignacio Valdes, MD, MS at the VistA Community Meeting 2010-2011 VistA Community Challenges.  “Setting clear, written, measurable goals is nearly always a key ingredient for achieving success. With that in mind I propose that this community sets its goal on 100 new, functioning with real patients and practitioners clinical VistA instances in the private sector in 2010.”  He adds that the VistA community its members, entities and vendors is poised to do exactly that.

He further adds that 1000 new, functioning with real patients and practitioners clinical
VistA instances in the private sector is attainable in 2011. “If you achieve or know of a new, functioning with real patients and practitioners clinical VistA instances in the private sector in 2010-2011, please send it to me privately if you and/or the instance wishes to remain confidential but do not mind aggregate publishing.

“I look forward to this community genius, cooperation, and just plain hard work in achieving these goals.”

Astronaut Announces VistA Installer Suite 0.9-5 Beta

Houston, Texas — Astronaut, LLC announces the latest edition of its Astronaut VistA Installer Suite Beta version 0.9-5 (Third Stage). This release adds many features including an all modular, upgradeable and extensible architecture. This means that automatic and semi-automatic upgrading and extension on a large scale can be done. Out-of-the-box backup and restore capability is included as well as many new TMG-CPRS features such as template calculation and html form rendering. The VistA-Config administration tool adds stability and improved workflow for frequently used user management.

This Beta test schedule subject to change is expected to last approximately a month with general availability.  Beta testing instructions can be found in the README-First file  here.

Astronaut Live Training June 24-27th, 2010 Early Bird Registration Open, Limited Seats Available

Early registration is open for the second edition of “Introduction to VistA System Administration with Astronaut”.  Limited seats are available and expected to fill fast. This comprehensive training event will start you on the journey to Electronic Health Record excellence and will be held in Houston, Texas, June 24-27th, 2010 more details and enrollment can be found here.

ZDNet: Astronaut Putting VA VistA in the Cloud

ZDNet has an article on Astronaut’s activities on putting VA VistA in the cloud:

“A company launched by the founder of Linux Medical News is making the VA VistA software available in the cloud for the first time.

Ignacio Valdes…is a psychiatrist based in Houston,. He calls his company Astronaut Vista, so naturally the name for the enabling software is Astronaut Shuttle…”

Astronaut, LLC announces Astronaut VistA Shuttle™ EHR Beta

December 18th, 2009 Houston, Texas

Astronaut, LLC announces the Astronaut VistA Shuttle™ Electronic Health Record Beta.

Astronaut, LLC Announces Astronaut VistA Shuttle™ Beta program.  Astronaut VistA Shuttle™ allows health care facilities, educators, developers, and physicians to start and manage encrypted, affordable, cloud based instances of Astronaut VistA Electronic Health Record (EHR) in minutes. This Beta is the first offering of a cloud-based Veterans Affairs VistA EHR with many enhancements. Astronaut, LLC offers both WorldVistA™ and OpenVistA™ based editions.

The Astronaut™ VistA Installer is already the simplest way to start using the VistA EHR. The Astronaut VistA Installer turns an installation process that used to take months into an hour or less. Now Astronaut Shuttle™ uses pre-configured Amazon Machine Images (AMI) with Astronaut VistA pre-installed in minutes with secure disk and client traffic encryption included. The Astronaut VistA AMI images are available starting at $30+server(~$62)+bandwidth per month (or approximately $100/month total based on usage). This includes full disk and client traffic encryption, access to support tickets on a per ticket purchase basis, and basic instructional videos.  More services will be coming soon! Sign-up information can be found here:

With the release of the Astronaut VistA Shuttle™ Beta, Astronaut LLC is leaving stealth mode and announcing an innovative VistA-focused company. Astronaut LLC is releasing the most innovative, stable, and easy to use Astronaut VistA EHR platform yet. Astronaut VistA EHR currently comes in both WorldVistA™ and Medsphere’s OpenVistA™ editions (not official releases of these organizations).  Both VistA EHR versions are based directly on the Veterans Affairs VistA hospital information system.  Astronaut LLC is making VistA accessible, affordable and easy to install.

The inspiration for the name “Astronaut VistA” is twofold. Astronaut, LLC is headquartered in Houston, Texas, near NASA mission control. Second, Astronauts make extremely complex technology and science applied in a high-pressure environment into something that looks easy and fun. Astronaut intends to make VistA into something that any clinician can easily enjoy while positioning its users and products to achieve ARRA certification and “meaningful use”.  CEO and President Ignacio Valdes, MD, MS, states: “Astronaut, LLC was formed to benefit society through innovative and affordable Electronic Medical Record software based on standard, proven products. The future is here. Astronaut provides software that greatly improves the functionality and user experience for VistA in the private sector.”

Convenient and affordable access to Astronaut VistA EHR is available now.


Contact information:
Astronaut, LLC
3519 Blue Bonnet,
Houston, Tx 77025