“”The portability of patient records going from one provider to another is awesome. Its not just the doctor’s job, but the staffs job is so much easier.” Cynthia Scott, Office Manager, LPC

“I’ve used a lot of EHR’s in my career. Astronaut is the first EHR I have ever used that made me faster. I leave work and it is all done. I don’t have to chart again. Each appointment is done when they walk out of the room. I can’t tell you how fantastic that is. All of the other EHR’s I have used slowed me down. This one is amazing. It actually helps me see patients faster.”┬áJennifer Lableu, NP

Office manager Jenny Salvador says: “We used to see half the patients in twice the time and effort before Astronaut. There is practically no friction in the system now. Our patient wait times are way, way down and our volume is way up.”

“It is still amazing to have a patient that you saw 4 years ago **inpatient** walk in to your **outpatient** office and all the information is there. No re-entering, no fumbling, no re-asking the same questions all over again. Super-efficient documentation.” Ignacio Valdes,MD, MS

“Astronaut is a very friendly, easy EHR.” Febin James, NP

“This is really neat. Coordination of care really works. Other places with big name systems don’t do it nearly as well as Astronaut.” Agnes Okoro, NP

Astronaut celebrates years of efficient, accurate care.
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