Astroanut Release 0.9-9 Beta Anticipates 1.0

Astronaut has released its Astronaut VistA Installer Suite beta version 0.9-9. Anticipates 1.0 release. Installation instructions here.

Features: Console tab in tmg-cprs should work out of the box. Embedding images in a note should also work out of the box. Various bug fixes, the biggest was backup was present but would not engage due to a permissions problem and there was a slight syntax error that caused it to not purge journal files and backups greater than the default 3 days old. tmg-library no longer exists as a separate packages. All tmg kids files that are pre-loaded are in the kids subdirectory.

Astronaut anticipates the addition of replication setup scripts and more tmg-cprs features with a 1.0 release shortly.

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